Matching Fashion Socks With Your Outfit

Today, we will provide some tips to help guide you as you branch out into the world of fashion socks. While it’s easy to stick with what’s traditional and comfortable, we know that once you branch out into different colors and patterns, you will not want to go back. Continue reading to learn what to do and then order your next favorite pair of socks from Flux Socks!

Socks and Pants

We’ll start off with some small steps by recommending that you work to match your socks to your pants. While there are other clothing items that you can play with matching, we’ll leave that for a future post when you’re feeling more confident with your fashion socks. Matching your socks to your pants will actually help to create a seamless extension that will make you look taller. Matching your socks and pants doesn’t mean they need to be identical in color, just in the same hue, or shade. The key here is that they blend with your pants instead of standing out and demanding attention. 

Textures and Patterns

As we transition into fall, you may find yourself considering wearing socks that are thicker in texture, or woven from heavier materials. You want to make sure that if you choose to wear socks that add weight to your look, that you pair them with an equally heavy, or rugged pant material such as denim, tweed, or corduroy. As far as patterns in your socks, remember the tonal rule about matching your socks with your pants by keeping them within the same hue. With this rule in mind, look for socks that have a subtle pattern such as a stripe or polka dot to pair with your neutrally colored pants.

Moderation Is Key

As you have been reading, maybe you find yourself getting excited to sport that flashy pair of fashion socks that you just ordered. That is great! Remember the old adage about everything in moderation, though. The busier the pattern, or the louder the color, the more careful you need to be not to combine too many visual elements. If you have a really loud pair of socks that you want to use as the focal point of your outfit, then make sure that the rest of your clothing is neutral in tone to balance the overall effect.

Now that you’ve read a few of our tips about how to wear fashion socks to your advantage, browse our online store to order some fashion socks for your wardrobe! Flux socks wants to inspire the artist inside you.

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