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Our Story

What is Flux?

Flux is a collaboration platform for artists, makers, or influencers to tell their story.

Who started this?

A group of passionate individuals who love socks and want to make sure other people's feet are happy. 

What are we passionate about? 

I am passionate about storytelling and I strongly believe that people do not buy products, people buy stories.

Where did Flux come from? 

As artists who have worked in filmmaking, photography, classical animation, visual effects & web design we found ourselves lost and unable to express us properly. 

Usually, we find answers within us and we knew this was true, so we went ahead exploring our interests more and listening to the voice within. We all left our 9-5 job as a VFX artists to pursue a dream last year. We knew what we wanted, it was just a matter of connecting dots.

Without going into too much depth, we'll list all the 'dots' that were connected when I had my epiphany last year:


  • Our love, obsession & passion for a good pair of socks. 
  • Our skills and interests in filmmaking/storytelling.
  • Our eye for slick & edgy visuals. 
  • A theory we deeply believe in: "People do not buy products they buy stories."
  • Our experience as a tech consultants & an aptitude to problem solve. 
  • Our desire for owning an online store.
  • A platform for expressing one's artistic style without any barriers. 
  • A combination of art & business combined into one package.  
  • Being able to collaborate with other artists and successful businesses.  

After we connected all these 'dots', Flux was born. We truly believe Flux is a very adaptive & dynamic company. We are invested in this with an open mind and a willingness to grow.