Our Story

What is Flux?

Flux is a collaboration platform for artists, makers, and influencers to tell their story.

Who started Flux?

A group of individuals who are enthusiastic about many things, including their ardent love for colorful and artistic socks. We want to make sure other peoples’ feet are happy. We do this by creating colorful socks, fun socks, and socks with both pop culture and location references. When you look down at your feet, we hope our Flux socks bring a big smile to your face.

What are we passionate about? 

We are passionate about storytelling, caring for our oceans, edgy visuals, and of course, a good pair of socks. We strongly believe that people do not just buy products, they buy the story behind the product. Stories inspire us and at the heart of every story is a person. We establish relationships through storytelling. Ultimately, storytelling forges connections with others and through those connections, we are more invested in buying products. We hope you’ll take some time to read our story and build a relationship with us. Purchase Flux socks today and start telling your story.

Where did Flux come from? 

As artists who have worked in the filmmaking, photography, classical animation, visual effects & web design industries, we found ourselves lost. We were unable to fully express our unique and artistic individualities.

We each began to explore our personal interests and slowly began to connect the dots on how to more fully express our interests, passions, and skills. We all left our 9-5 jobs to pursue this unified dream that became Flux socks in 2016. Without going into too much detail, we'll list the “dots” that finally connected when we had our epiphany:

  • Our love, obsession, and passion for a good pair of socks
  • Our skills and interests in filmmaking and storytelling
  • Our deep appreciation for slick and edgy visuals
  • People do not buy products, they buy stories
  • Our experience as consultants and our aptitude to problem solve
  • Our desire for owning an online store
  • A platform for expressing artistic style without barriers
  • A collaboration between art and business combined into one package  
  • Collaborating with other artists and successful businesses  

 After we connected these various pieces to our puzzle, Flux was born. We truly believe Flux is an adaptive and dynamic company. We invested in this with an open mind and a willingness to grow. Check out our socks and grow with us.