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Courtney Hundseth

Courtney Hundseth

Courtney Hundseth is an artist. Just like a superhero, she lives a double life – an interior designer by weekdays and a painter by weekends! Born and raised on the Canadian prairies she always had a paintbrush or pencil in her hand as her outlet.

Art has always been something special for Courtney – a passion that became a hobby, which in turn led to a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, alongside a BA in Psychology, and then a degree in Interior Design at VCAD in Vancouver, BC. The focus of Courtney’s art studies throughout years has been on human anatomy and it’s organic intricacy. Today she works with charcoal, conte and both acrylics and oil paints to create unique in its simplicity and sophistication images of human bodies and abstractions that embody softness and moodiness.

What inspires you every day?
Nature, space (sock design is from a series I did titled “Dark Matter”), minimalism, early abstract expressionism, and currently, my son. British Columbia is littered with amazing inspiration, both from nature and from urban life.

What was the thought process behind your designs with Flux socks?
I wanted something minimal, but that would reflect my favorite past body of work and something that I could see myself and others wearing. I wanted it to be able to portray an entire piece of art when placed together.

Where do you see yourself and your art 5 years from now?

I hope to have a happy marriage with colour. I struggle with trying to achieve a balance between minimalism and colour in my work. I always feel it makes it seem too “busy” and my instincts are to cover it in white or hide it in a background layer. I also hope to have some more traveling under my belt. I feel that really opens up the creative mind and brings in a breath of fresh air when creating.


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