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"I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil and it’s always been a refuge from the world for me, the best kind of relaxation method, one where I also have something to show afterwards!"


I studied animation at university in the mid 2000s and since then went on to Honours, and then a Doctorate. I’m a Doctor of Comics, something my ten year old self would have found pretty cool. Right now, I teach film, animation, and games students in film theory, character design, and illustration. It keeps me in the loop of new trends and I’m privileged to work with shaping the young talents in their development. 


I was a big fan of superhero comics growing up, although these days I've diversified into indie stuff, autobiography and character-driven stories. I still love fantasy though and the conceptualisation of new worlds, cultures, costumes and technology, as well as the occasional superhero tale if done in an intelligent and surprising way. 


My style changes all the time and depends on my mood and what media and pipeline I’m using, but I’d probably define it as line-intensive. I’m always aiming for clarity in the spirit of the clear-line French comic masters. I seek inspiration from all around me; my Flux images were the result of referencing ancient Aztec glyphs. Google image search is amazing!


I’m pretty lucky that I don’t really get 'artist block’, although I do procrastinate at times (but that’s more general laziness). If I don’t feel like working on one thing I’ll just do something else. Keeping a wide variety of projects helps with that. 


In 5 years, I aim to finally finish and publish my doctoral project, a 300 page autofictographic comic, be doing a bit more professional work, but essentially the most important thing is that I’m still able to hold a pen and keep on drawing. 

Rogue Plates

Lifting plates inspired socks